Time travel... seems like forever ago

So I know it has been a small forever since I was here last, and for that I apologize. 

A good bit of my time has been spent conversing with two (or three) great groups I have found on facebook for vintage items.  

Genie Bottles, something my mom found and had around the house when I was small, appeal to me for many reasons, not the least of those the way the sun shines through the different colored glass bottles. I have met a really neat group mostly composed of collectors from Australia, which inspired a new digital painting  Genie Bottles from a photo of my bottles.

I had already done a series of  Mod Pop

and  Flower Power  designs

which had been added to my shops on  
Red BubbleFine Art America  and  Zazzle 

Then I found a group that collects, sells etc  vintage linens and bedding.  Seeing all the vintage linens and retro designs made me smile and gives me inspiration for even more new projects for my shop on   Spoonflower  where I design fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper.

I have also connected with quite a few Mid-Century Modern collectors which no doubt will lead my mind off on some future designs as well.  

Inspiration comes from lots of places and along the way I have made some new friends.  Hopefully my creative time will become even more useful as I continue to interact with these fun groups and they share their collections with me. 

Have a groovy day, go with the flow, keep on keepin' on and to quote someone I met this week  "Right on Right on!" 


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