Breaking away from Facebook

I have taken a break from Facebook for a good little bit now, and it has been a good thing.  I still check in on friends and family but rarely spend the time there I have in the past.
My projects at home have taken priority and yet I am still seeing decent sales online.
I will try to update soon with some of my latest sales and new products.
Thank you for following!!


Anonymous said…
Denise, I left FB permanently. No privacy, very little civility. I found your blog and stores wihtout it, and I never knew about them with it. I know it is a great marketing tool, but...I will tell all my Bristol family about you and where to find you. I am enjoying the content very much. Blessings, Lisa Countiss
Denise Beverly said…
Thank you for letting me know. I threaten to leave every once in a while. I have my cards and some prints at One of a Kind Gallery on State Street on the Tennessee side of town. I will try to update things here soon. Again, I appreciate your sharing my work and getting in touch. all the best, denise

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