Vintage Portrait Postcards for Art-Correspondence

Looking for unique postcards that you could also use as artwork?  These new postcards in my Morning Glory Memories Zazzle store could be exactly what you need.

Vintage images which have been freshened up, then presented in a way that will preserve them for another generation.  On the Bathing Beauties, a color from the bathing suit accents the image, on the black and white images a white border and a silver-toned digital frame was placed around the image. For the romantic couples an antique gold-tone- frame completes the look.  

The digital frame can serve as a finishing touch for simply pinning up the cards or can provide another element of interest if the cards are framed in a real frame.

I have hundreds of images and will be adding more, but for now, please visit my store at the following link and enjoy these lovely vintage images.


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