Pinterest - what's it all about anyway?

 If you are someone who loves to browse through catalogs and window shop, Pinterest is for you, no question about it.  Add to that a sort of personal shopper feel and you will be in your own little wonderland.

On Pinterest "boards" are managed by individuals, each with their own style and flair.  They compile products, informational links, collections of like things and put them on a page that is called a board. Occasionally a group will join together and everyone will submit to a common board. These items are categorized by type, style, color, interest, etc. and given a title and then they are gathered on one main page to choose the one you want to see.    

Imagine clipping pictures out of a magazine and pinning them up to a bulletin board. It is the things you are interested in - Pin-interest...get it?  Though the spelling of the word throws me off, I get it, and that helps to create boards, choose products and bring it all together.

Now imagine all your friends doing this at once in one big room and you go around to see what all your friends were interested in by looking at their boards.  Kind of like a huge, virtual school project for art.

That being said, I am slow to get started, but start I have.  If you would like to take a peek at my interests and things I find, well again, "interesting"  please go visit my Pinterest  boards by following this link:



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