TURNING BLUE CEREMONY - A special time in a soldiers life

After the rigors and stresses of boot camp comes a very special time in a young soldiers life.  He will graduate from boot camp, but the day before graduation, there is another once in a lifetime day.  On that day, he will receive the coveted "blue cord" in a ceremony called "Turning Blue".  This ceremony takes place in only one location, ever... that is at Fort Benning Georgia.

Many of these young men will have their parents there to do the honors, if not, there will be someone special in their lives to perform this rite of passage.  At this time they become Infantrymen.

In order to help you congratulate your loved one, friend or soldier or to commemorate this day I have created a line of Turning Blue Ceremony products.   These include cards, ornaments, party invitations,photo cards and binders that can be used as albums for keepsakes .  T-shirts and other gifts are in the works now to be added very soon.

Please visit my store for these products, all but three are brand new designs for 2012.  I hope you enjoy and if you have a request or idea for a new product, please be sure to contact me through this blog. You will also find other products geared towards the military or patriotic in nature.  So proud of the men and women who serve and the families behind them during their service.

Turning Blue Ceremony Products


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