How Oliver Bluebird got his name

A neighbor introduced us to the possibility of housing some bluebirds in our yard a few years ago.  We set up the box and a feeder, ordered meal worms and waited.  It did not take long at all for these beautiful lapis blue and cinnamon colored Eastern Bluebirds to show up and many broods later, come February, I plan to have meal worms at the ready once again.

A few days ago an artist’s group I belong to proposed a challenge with a bluebird image.  I tried several things and nothing seemed right, but inspiration struck and within a very short time a bluebird arrived, so to speak.  Later in the morning I remembered the  additional conversations of add a mustache, and a bowler hat.  It wasn't long until Oliver, the gentleman bluebird arrived as well.

I put him on as my monitor background and my husband saw it.  He is very supportive but quiet.  I was surprised when our conversation went something like this:
I said "well this is truly Mr. Bluebird".  He said "Sir Dudley Bluebird".
 And then he said  "no, you can call him Oliver ( his first name though he never uses it)  he is OB -  Oliver Bluebird, I am proud to share my name with him. 

 And so goes the short story of how Oliver Bluebird got his name, I hope he brings a smile to your face and cheer of the coming Spring in your heart.

Oliver will be available on Zazzle soon but for now look for him in my Fine Art America portfolio  through this link.     Fine Art America


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