We only thought we wanted a séance

When my twin brothers and I were younger we did lots of crazy things together.  But,on one occasion we decided we didn't ever want to partake of one event together, ever again.

During my early middle school and high school years I watched the TV show Dark Shadows, I had a friend who read tarot cards and eventually got a Ouija board.  Now whether or not you believe in conjuring up spirits, Ouija boards were always fascinating if not a little cheesy.

We decided one night that we wanted to have a séance.  I don't know who or what we thought we would summon from beyond, but, we were going to try anyway.  Knowing very little of what it required to begin, we just took our cues from what we had seen on The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits and of course my staple Dark Shadows.

  by db visual arts

We gathered in our kitchen, in a tiny circle (there were only 3 of us) with the lights down low.  Behind us was a huge old stove that had a high back. On it was a clock with a lighted dial that came on when you clicked a button.

By Angelandspot

We began with all seriousness and in very short order ended in sheer terror when suddenly the light on the clock began to flicker and scared us silly. You could have heard our hearts pounding a mile away.   To the three of us, scared out of our wits young people, this was no doubt a visitor from the spirit world.  I don't think we ever moved that fast at any other point and time in our lives.

Most likely it was a simple electrical short or power surge that had caused a flicker in the stove clock, or was it... I will leave that up to you to decide.
By Christine Quimbley


Custom Cards said…
Denise, Had to laugh at this post ... I can picture the three of you running for your lives,lol. Well Done! Janet Lee
Custom Cards said…
OMGosh, That is so funny, I bet you can look back on it and laugh. Great story. Janet Lee
Custom Cards said…
I loved Dark Shadows ... and it turns out the castle it was filmed in ... is haunted! Great post, love your choice of cards as well.
Janet Lee
Naquaiya said…
Your story is great and glad you got out of there in time. You will have to gear up more courage because Tim Burton is now filming his version of Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp. Great cards and great post.
Denise Beverly said…
thank you. it was one of many fun times with my brothers. I saw a picture of Johnny Depp as Barnabas and they have gone overboard with the makeup, it could be a good movie if they try...too sad.
aura2000 said…
Wow, this is a very funny story!
Cindy said…
I watched Dark Shadows and Twilight Zone back in the day, too! I used to like being scared when I was young, I guess. Not so much anymore. :-/

Nice cards.
Betsy B. said…
Your post brought back great old memories of Dark Shadows and seances. We always used to have them at camp. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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