Jack and Lillie - the story of two rescues

Jack and Lillie are cats. Cats that were rescued in two very different ways,yet, came to be the best of buddies. Opposites in every way, they captured my heart and the hearts of quite a few others.

Jack showed up at our house quite unexpectedly after we had been unable to keep a previous adoptive kitty. At night I would hear rustling outside in the bushes but never see anything. One the 4th night of hearing this I spied two glowing eyes and the outline of a blue gray feline.

Still having some food left from our previous cat visitor, I set a plate out and talked softly to my shadowy guest. After many hesitant moments the form emerged and ate a small amount of food and drank some milk. This went on for several nights and each time the little one would disappear into the shadows.

One particular night, when a storm was in the offing I opened the garage door and slowly, in walked the cat. I laid out food and tried to close the door fast enough. But, our old clunky door made so much noise and was so slow, like a flash of steel blue lightening the cat was gone.

However, there comes a time when an empty stomach will cause you to do things you might not other wise do, and the next try was successful.

Oddly enough for all his running and elusiveness, the moment he had no where to go, he immediately climbed in my lap; wrapped himself around my neck and curled into what became an everyday ritual. This cat loved to be upside down, and would slink up and over into a U shape and let you love on him until you were worn out.

A vet visit the following days revealed a very malnourished kitty, to the point his muscles were wasting. He had a puncture wound on his front paw and had never been neutered. Needless to say, all that was taken care of and this furry one, eventually named Jack, came to live with us. He quickly thrived, gained weight, healed, strengthened his muscles and became lonely. Jack needed company, he was very loving, and I felt certain he would get alone fine with another cat.

Petsmart was having an adoption weekend so off we went to find Jack a companion. The local shelter brings cats and dogs to Petsmart for you to adopt and this time there were very few females. The shelter owner talked us into taking one that I was not sure about. This cat was strong, solid, like handling a dog. Her fur was bristly and rough, her tail was bobbed and she honestly looked more canine than feline. But, with insistence that we would love her, we took home a growling, hissing, clawing beast.

Stubbs, as this cat was named had the most unearthly long claws I had ever seen, she could jump 5 feet straight up and had a peculiar habit of reaching up for you if she wanted to be petted. Turns out she wanted to be petted constantly. And though the shelter lady thought this was a cute little trick, all I could see happening was Stubbs jumping straight up and clawing her way down my body waiting to be petted. Quite frankly she terrified me. This was not a match made in Heaven to be sure.

The next morning, Stubbs went back to Petsmart. In her place the shelter lady brought me the scrawniest, flea bitten little fluff of white. Pure white and scared. She handed her to me and when my eyes met hers, I fell in love. She had one blue and one green eye and they were unusual in another way. She had the longest eyelashes. In photos of her, I have been accused of photo shopping in human eyes. But they are not human, they are the eyes of an old soul as I called her.

She had been rescued from the airport. Barely 5 pounds herself, she still had stitches from being spayed. She had given birth to 6 kittens, which made it somehow, and were also adopted out. I gave her the the name, Lillie. Why? I am not sure, White Lily brand of flour, my love of day-lilies, I am not sure but it fit her. I spelled it the same as my husbands grandmother Lillie spelled her name.

She and Jack got along perfectly from the first moment. They became wonderful companions for one another. Jack continued to heal and thrive. Soon he tipped the scales at 14 pounds of luxurious Russian Blue, plush double fur. Lillie became one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen. You will never see one more feminine and elegant in her stance or appearance.

They lived with us for 4 years. Unfortunately health issues such as allergies and asthma forced me to have to consider re-homing them. They had been relegated to living downstairs in our home and it was not a kitty haven. After many months of prayer and discussion a new home was found, and it is the perfect home for them. They have 3 furry sisters, a great home and neighborhood, humans who love them immensely and all they will ever need.

The lives of these two could have been so very different. Jack was within days of losing his battle to malnutrition and infection. Lillie would have sacrificed herself for her babies, and nearly did. Instead they became healthy, happy companions and filled such a void in my life and now bring joy to their new caregivers.

If you have a desire to adopt, please be sure to take time. Don't be afraid to work with the shelter until you find "THE ONE" that fits in your home. It is a commitment and they will more than reward your kindness with unconditional love and affection.


ryckycreations said…
Great story, Denise. Enjoyed "meeting" Jack and Lillie.

Denise Beverly said…
Thank you, I miss them, but I know they are much better off in their new home. They love to watch tv haha
Custom Cards said…
Hi Denise, That story was very inspiring. I'm glad there was a happy ending for Jack and Lillie.
Janet Lee
Denise Beverly said…
Thank you so much. I am glad I got Lillie as a friend for Jack instead of Stubby. =^.,.^=
Betsy said…
Wow Denise, What a great story. It is amazing the way these little creatures capture our hearts. My blog is going to be about our "visitor" as well. As an added note, in all our kittie adoptions, we too had a Jack and a Lillie!
Di said…
What a beautiful story. Jack was so lucky to have found you... and of course you found Lillie for jack. I'm so glad to hear they're still happily together.
Naquaiya said…
Hi Denise,
Jack and Lillie turned out to be gorgeous,healthy and happy kitties. They should design a card for you!
Congrats on a great story and your good deeds. You also produced some great cards of them.
Naquaiya said…
A great story and you are a good rescuer. Thank goodness for the likes of you. I also love your selection of feline cards. Best wishes
Denise Beverly said…
I am so glad to see you have enjoyed their story. Thank you for commenting.
what a great story... so sorry you couldn't keep them but at least it was a happy ending. Thank you for sharing.
Doreen Erhardt said…
Oh Jack and Lillie are so sweet together...a match made in heaven indeed! How very sad that you could not keep them, I don't think I could go through that. I applaud you for finding what sounds like such a good new home.
Doreen Erhardt
Lisa Charlton said…
Dear Denise, Jack & Lillie were blessed to find a foster home with you until their path led them to a forever home. I know it must have hurt you deeply to see them go or to return Stubs to the adoption center at PetsMart (cheers to PetsMart for all they do too) but your decision to find another 'cat haven' home was an unselfish one and your kindness to these cats, heartfelt. Doesn't mean you ever stop loving (or missing) these souls that melt our hearts. Cheers, Lisa http://www.GreetingCardUniverse.com/LisaCharlton ~ http://www.LisaCharltonGallery.com
Corrie Kuipers said…
I know how much you must miss your special kitties - at least they have a new home, but they're lucky to have found you first.

Sharon Fernleaf said…
Loved this story :) They sound like wonderful companions, for you, for each other.
Alison said…
How amazing that you had not one but two cats that were so needy when you first met them and then blossomed so much in your care.
Denise Beverly said…
Thank you all, this has been the most commented on blog i have done. but then its a subject i love, so that helped. thank you again.
Sarah L Taylor said…
Great story Denise, I am a dog lover (2 outside, 1 inside), but I like cats too as long as they are barn cats. Fortunately I am not allergic to dogs or horses, but I am to cats so they have to live outside. They do get lots of love out there as if I am in a breeze it blows away the dander. The only way to go is to adopt, either by them finding you or to go to a shelter.
Thanks for sharing your heartwarming story. Beautiful cat cards. I love the 2 toned one of the face close up.
Cindy said…
Lovely story, Denise, and love the cards (especially the one of Lillie's eyes).

Oh, and your Jack looks just like a cat we used to have and love (though he passed away) named Tom.


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