My One Hundredth Post

Well here I am at my one hundredth post -- 100!! A lot has changed and a lot remains the same from that first one, introducing myself and why I do what I do. Since it is a special blog this time, I think I will revisit that first one, for all the new friends I have made who may not know how I got to this milestone in my journey.
Just what is a niche' anyway?

finding my niche... what is a niche anyway? according to merriam-webster it's a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted. < finding her niche>

for me it has been a journey to find the artist within.

i have always wanted to be an artist. longed for it really. i had that desire, inside, a seeking if you will to find what i could do. i do a little writing, took a correspondence course in children's literature. i write poetry sometimes, song lyrics..none of it goes anywhere. well, i take that back a Christian artist at a seminar took two of my songs, probably out of pity. but i never saw anything of them.

it seems as a child i always had an art project going, drawing, coloring, sketching, painting. i wasn't that great but i wasn't horrible. in junior high my art teacher got mad at my mom for being late with something for class and began to belittle me and tell me that i didn't have any talent and had no business in an art class. for years my creative spirit was wounded and i couldn't complete anything i started.

as an adult i have tried watercolors, acrylics, quilting, various and sundry other craft ideas. but remnants of those failed hobbies lay scattered about my home. finally i came back to my roots. photography.

i can't remember a time in my life when my dad didn't have a camera around. every opportunity that remotely presented itself got captured on film...for better or for worse.
he chronicled our lives in great detail, something i am very grateful for now.

i had just gotten back into my teenage hobby of photography when my dad developed cancer. even at his sickest points he had a camera, some of the shots show the unsteady hand, the weak muscles in blurriness and lack of focus when the images were viewed.

i began to step out and take a risk with my images and submitted to a micro-stock agency. surprise! they were accepted and began to sell. i had managed to get one shot of my dad, on one of his better days. how thrilled he was to hear not only was it accepted but it actually sold, finally, the week he passed away. but he knew , he knew i was on my way to becoming an artist. he gave me the gift of photography. he helped me find my niche....this part of my journey ended in the months he began his journey Home. he passed away in march of 2007. but he knew , i was able to thank him , i was able to share it with him. for that i am eternally grateful.


Some of my venues have changed, some of my methods and equipment have changed; I am older and fatter (unfortunately) and the things I have learned have made me wiser in how I work most of the time. But, my inspiration remains the same, my journey continues and as I come to bumps in the road I will look back to where I have been and know that I have made progress.
Where the journey will take me I do not know. I know I suffocate without creating, so that must continue. But, the means and the methods continually evolve. Here's to the next 100 posts, hopefully more consistent than the first 100. Thank you to my family and friends who accompany me as I go, I appreciate your support and companionship. Thank you to the photographers and artists I have met along the way, you have taught and challenged me in many ways. May we all find our purpose in this life, the things we were created to do, the things that will fill us up and spill over to others encouraging them along their journey as well.


One hundred posts - that's a milestone.
Hi Denise, just popped by to say hello. Lucky you, having a creative father!
Hugs, barbara

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