Summertime, Summertime, Sum,Sum,Sum,Summertime

That song always makes me sing it whether I want to or not.
Summer is not one of my favorite seasons to be honest.
I favor the newness of Spring and the crispness of Autumn;
but, Summer does hold a place in my memories of being enjoyable.

I think about eating watermelon, drinking water out of the
garden hose, chasing butterflies and having fun with my brothers.

Many families plan summer time parties, especially around birthdays
and the Fourth of July. Times to get together with family and
friends and enjoy a slower pace with school out of session.
It may be a time to go on vacation and just relax. No matter
what you have planned for your summer days, these cards can be
a part of those activities.

Corrie Kuipers has this sweet picnic invitation, complete with those watermelons
I remember from childhood, seed spitting contest anyone?

Maybe your idea of summer is stretching out on the beach under
a bright umbrella. This card by Cindy Douglass is the perfect
picture of such a perfect day.

Eugenia Bacon
has perhaps the card that epitomizes the
biggest summer ritual of all, our huge Celebration of
Freedom on the Fourth of July. Here is her bright patriotic
card that you could send out to anyone from a family
friend to business colleagues.

And last, but certainly not least...when you are celebrating
and reveling in that Freedom we hold dear, don't forget those
who are about the business of keeping us safe and secure.
Take the time to thank one of our men or women in uniform
this Fourth of July.

Teri Francis of Squirrel Huggers Card Store has created this
striking flag card to thank those in the service to America.
Simple and yet very clear in it's message, this card is one
that will be received gladly.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
My beloved cairn terrier, Katie (now gone to doggie heaven)used to love watermelon. She'd yodel for it!

Cherie said…
Now you've got me singing that song!! LOL

Wonderful summertime fun blog, YOU have an awesome summer, won't you?

Maryann said…
Wonderful cards!

Have a great summer.

Anonymous said…
Great job Denise! Really enjoyed my visit and your selection of cards to bring your points home!


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