Memory intensive work

My husband built a new computer for me because I wanted to upgrade my Photoshop from CS2 to CS5 and the one I was using just wouldn't run everything it had to offer.

Now I find myself in a whole new challenge, learning new features, learning Illustrator and Fireworks. I have capabilities for websites with Dreamweaver and many other new and exciting things I could delve into.

However, I shared with a friend yesterday that we upgraded computers because Photoshop is so memory intensive, learning all these new things will be very memory intensive for me as well... I wish it was as easy as plugging in more Ram sticks. Alas, I will have to exercise the old gray matter and get it fired up for the new challenges... and new opportunities.

In the meantime I have new wedding designs available in my "All about the Wedding" shop on Zazzle, have a look

This elegant design is available in 3 colorways to meet any season or holiday you may be planning a wedding. Whether it is a summer,fall, Christmas or Valentines wedding, one of these designs would work well for you.


Toyin O. said…
These are pretty designs, thanks for sharing.
Denise Beverly said…
Thank you for looking! I appreciate it!

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