A new venture in the creative realm

I will soon be joining with other artists as a designer for the Lilys Hope Zazzle store. While getting to know some of the one million plus Face book followers of Lily the black bear and her cub Hope, I have made some new friends, learned so very much about black bears and my already voracious appetite for learning about nature and Gods' creation, has grown in leaps and bounds.

So excited to be in on the ground floor of so many new discoveries about these wonderful creatures. Dr. Lynn Rogers and fellow Biologist Sue Mansfield of the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely, Minnesota are breaking ground and learning new things almost every day.

I will be concentrating on the Wildlife Research Institute with bears Ted, Honey and Lucky, while most others are focusing in on Lily and Hope. We are all supporting the work of the North American Bear Center.

It is just getting a good running go as Zazzle stores stack up, but , we are very motivated. Check us out. My products should be in within the week. New products are in the approval stage. I am looking forward to the challenge and to being able to help this great research team with their fund raising efforts.



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