Chase Community giving is awarding money to charities. I am a supporter of the North American Bear Center and the Wildlife Research Institute of Ely Minnesota.

If you have seen any of the interviews on Martha Stewart, or the Today show, The Morning Show and saw a man named Doctor Lynn Rogers talk about bears named Lily and Hope then you know who they are.

It is a wonderful research center. We got to see the cub born on a webcam..something that has NEVER been seen before in the actual den.

We are in our last two days of voting...PLEASE help if you can and if you are on facebook. You do add an App that is perfectly safe...please do not delete the app after voting until the winners are announced and they are safely kept.

to help please vote for

and then do a search for WRI Wildlife Research Institute be sure it is the one in Ely Minnesota

We will be eternally grateful...thank you.


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