New Gallery Wrap has arrived from ZaZa Gallery

My new gallery wrap has arrived and it is beautiful...( photos will be added tomorrow hopefully..strong storms and rains have preventing getting good shots.)

First of all ordering this print was very easy, quick response times and good communication made for a painless ordering process.

Then, it arrived when it was estimated that it would arrive and that is refreshing.
Fed Ex dropped off a nice sized box..not a skinny one either.. thick to protect the canvas.

When I opened it, the gallery wrap was safely packed, wrapped in layers of bubble wrap and it had cardboard to protect it on one side. It was also inside a plastic bag...the only thing that worried me with all of the heat and humidity we have had, as it somewhat clung to the image but did no damage nor had any lasting problems resulting.

The image is crisp, bright, brilliant in fact as it is a neon sign lit up at night and it fairly well glows. The reflections on the tile of the building look like a glossy photo.

The corners and finishing of the gallery wrap are neatly done and secure. No hanger is needed for gallery wraps so that is not an issue here. The weight and sturdy feel of the framework shows it is a quality piece of art.

I hope to get the images on tomorrow of the artwork including all sides for you to judge for yourself.

Thank you again to ZaZa Gallery. Please won't you visit their site from this link.


Denise Beverly said…
I am sorry there has been a delay in photos.. post them as soon as I can.

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