Some favorite from my portfolio

I just wanted to share some of my photos on the blog for those who asked during the Sign Celebration what other types of photography I did. I especially like architectural and lights and shadows as my favorites with some nature and animals in the mix. I do not take many people shots usually. I don't have to pose buildings or nature, just remember to compose the beauty they already have the best that I can.

Episcopal Church silhouetted against a beautiful sky
color refraction from a prism in a sunny window
lillie a rescue kitty who lived with me for several years, now with a friend
my husband in downtown Bristol
Osceloa Island at Holston Dam

Washington County Library , Abingdon Va.
My oak tree on a stormy morning
Family friend Phil Dunagan
Tennessee Ernie Fords' Birthplace
Horse Farm outside of town
Paramount at night
Looking up the sidewalk toward the Paramount
Train Station shadows

Freight wagons at the Train Station
Burger Bar in a composite photo of the building and a moon shot I took one clear evening


LeeAnn said…
Hi! This post is excellent! Thanks for sharing it. The pictures are wonderful. I have recently started my own blog with the intent of finding my niche over the next 12-months. I'm new to blogging, so if you get a chance, check it out. I'd love to hear any feedback, or input you may have!
Thanks again, and keep posting, I'll be back!

Lee-Ann ;)

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