For new visitors, info about Greeting Card Universe

I have had a great deal of new visitors, for which I am very grateful. Just in case you are new and haven't read all the way to the bottom, I wanted to bring the information about GCU back to the top. I thought it was best to do this before I add Part 2 on the featured artists. THANK YOU, so much, for visiting! Feel free to comment and spend some time by the pond feeding the fish.

Greeting Card Universe is a unique community of artists offering designs on greeting cards and custom orders. It is considered the largest online paper greeting card store with over 311,711 cards, over 3700 artists and a massive 8000 plus categories to help guide you to the exact card you want.

Categories include the things you usually think of such as birthday, sympathy, wedding, anniversary, get well, etc. But these are broken down into specific areas such as birthday for dad, mom, aunt, neighbor, teacher, partner or business contacts. Also the more specialized areas such as business or corporate customer relations cards, congratulations, scripture and inspirational cards, humor in innocent forms and the more adult categories, fine art, photography, illustration and more. Also available are photo card options, you can ask to have your own photo added for holidays, birth announcements, graduation or other events you wish to share. Wedding cards are very popular with our artists including announcements, bridal party invitations for all members of the party not just bridesmaids. With over 8000 categories you will have a hard time finding an area that is not covered. However....

On the offside chance that your particular card need is not offered, you can place a request and the artists at GCU will quickly design any number of cards that will meet your need and place them in a category. You will be notified that there are new cards in that category available for you to choose from. Also many of the artists are open to customizing a card that is already in their store at no additional charge just look for the artist palette under the card design.(some limitations may apply)

Greeting Card Universe offers high quality paper greeting cards that have the option of customizing your personal message inside the card, additionally they can be mailed directly to the card recipient if you wish when you add postage to your order. If you prefer, they can be mailed to you and you can personally address them yourself.

A recent addition is flip E cards which are available through an application on facebook. For only 99 cents you can send an e card to someone and add your own message if you wish. These cards have a neat feature that shows the front, flips open to reveal your message and flips again to show the GCU and artist information.

Feel free to browse all the other categories on our website. I will be adding more blocks of cards to fit other subjects such as wedding, sympathy, holidays, hobby specific and many more. Bookmark my blog or follow and check back often. Thank you so much! denise ( my cards can be found with a search for denise beverly )



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