Birthday Cards from artists on Greeting Card Universe



myslewis said…
very clever - and looks great too!
Hope you get lots of sales through this - thanks for including a few of mine - I am stoked!
You will have to teach us old folks how you did this!
elizdesigns2 said…
I LOVE your site. I saw your link at GCU and have also started adding a few links.

I'm a fan ... keep up your great Blog!
Great blog idea and a very beautiful layout. I have a wordpress blog, but I don't think it has the capability of posting the cards the way you've done this. I might have to start a blogspot blog. I didn't know there was a GCU "sell this card" feature until you pointed it out.
Catherine Sherman
Denise Beverly said…
thank you girls... it is easy to add them here... a little time consuming but worth it in the end i think. see you on GCU
Ernestine said…
Nice job! Thanks for including some of my cards. --ernestine
Bambi said…
Well done!! You've shown a nice variety of good looking cards.
mrana said…
aw Denise, thank you so much for adding some of my cards to this wonderful collection! Love the blog :)
Lorene said…
Very nicely done-I'm thinking I should make my cards smaller so I can fit more on.

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