Welcome to the twenty tens

Welcome to the twenty tens
They say instead of the 1950's, the 60's or any of those catchy decade names we are used to, we are suppose to call this decade the twenty tens. I am just not sure how well I like that combo, it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue now does it?

Whatever we call it, it is here, another year. The year just past was not a horrible one for me and my family. We had some bad days, we had some great answered prayer days. But they sure did fly by. My son graduated high school early with straight A's even with AP classes, and he designed the inside of the athletic complex for King College, more on that soon. My niece graduated from Virginia Intermont summa cum laude and my nephew is getting smarter...and taller everyday.

Now we face a new decade, a new year and I wonder what lies ahead. I am not one to make new years resolutions. But we all have things we hope we will do differently in a day, a week, a month and most especially in a year.

I hope I show more of Jesus in my day to day. I hope I am more disciplined and get healthier. I need that self same discipline in my housekeeping and organization of our home. I want to stretch myself as an artist as well. I have seen good sales this year, more than I expected locally and I am building my stores online. I hope to get my website up and running and be a better marketing person for my work.

I think about my Dad a lot when I think about my art and I continue to be thankful he was able to see the beginnings. But, I think he knew all along it would develop.
I have had my immediate family close, a cousin here for a time that had moved away and I have gotten closer to cousins, who for one reason or another, we managed to drift apart.

The interwebs are great for reconnecting. I have reconnected with old friends from when I first became a Christian and friends from high school, church, so much can change in everyone's lives.
I was able to find a great home for my beloved furry babies, what an answered prayer a year in the waiting.

I have learned a lot about myself through trying to help homeless in the area and I have deepened friendships with my artist friends... we really do have a different way of looking at things sometimes. I am not going to look back with regrets, I hope to move forward with determination.

I pray you all have a wonderful 2010 and that you find you know yourself better, accomplish something you dreamed of and are closer to those you love every day.
All the best to each one who visits here throughout the year.


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