The other blogs

Hi to anyone who may be reading. I have been so busy with the other blog that I haven't updated here.

I am super excited to have my cards and art in the window at the store. It is like a little card shop and very nicely done. I have to thank the guys again and especially Brian, as he has worked so very hard to put it all together.
All the new cards are updated there so I won't bore you with those, but do go check out the blog for all the details.

Zazzle has been busy for a change, which is nice. I have sold something almost every day. Greeting card universe a little slower, still no little bulk sales, let alone huge ones, but hopefully that will come. is still going well. Dreamstime, I reached another payout...YAY

I start at Curves this morning. Looking forward to feeling better and getting some of this weight off.

Check out the store blog, if you will, and I will try to update this one more regularly.


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