happy spring???

Well I would like to say that but tonight I am thinking of building an ark, the rain has been torrential. Today I made this card after a color challenge on the scrapbooker online site inspired me.

I love to have an instrumental cd playing and just sit and watch the birds as they shift formations and flow across the sky. It always seems they are in perfect unison with the music.

I am analyzing my options for the new year concerning my cards and artwork. Going to new areas and spreading out my outlets for the cards. I need to go to Elizabethton and shoot the covered bridges, to Rocky Mount and other historic areas around. I need to keep my images fresh and new, frame up some new photos for the store, and restock some postcards that have sold out.

I am also gearing up for yard sales and treasure hunting, refinishing furniture and even working toward some building some furniture, cupboards and linen presses.

School started back today and I hope the 2nd term will not be as stressful. I want to try to be more disciplined this second half of the year and see if that helps as well.

I guess that is all for now, have a wonderful week and stay dry.


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