Thank the Lord for Zithromax

I am starting to feel human again. I can almost breathe normally. I almost had pneumonia and am so glad I went on to Urgent Care on Sunday. They are hitting it pretty hard and it is getting better day by day.

Thank you so very much especially to Brian, who has called and emailed to check on me almost every day , if not every day. Thank you so very much. You guys are so good to me.

Today I found a chair that I can date with certainty to between 1925 - 1929 but most probably 1927. It is a dining room chair someone threw out by the side of the road. Burled wood, still in pretty great shape. It still has its original manufactures tag of delivery on the bottom of the seat. It needs a little glue up to strengthen the joints and I took the leopard skin print off of the seat. yikes. The cool thing is my first thought was a shade of purple or burgundy brocade for the seat and found the original upholstery was indeed just that.

I may try to sell it at the store or I may get attached to it. I do love chairs. I don't know why but I would rather have a chair than a sofa or a love seat, in fact there are no sofas or love seats in my house. only chairs. hmmm..........


KSmith said…
glad you are feeling better
Beth said…
sounds like an interesting chair too Denise. i inherited a love of anitques from my parents.

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