Two things at once

In getting ready for open house I decided to give away two unframed posters. Brian also wants to get folks signed up for our new newsletter ( more on that in a later post) anyway.... I decided to make a jar to drop the entries in for the door prize at the same time I am asking that they sign up for the newsletter.

Now I just have to get the guys opinion of the jar. this is a fish bowl ( :-( the fishes died) covered in patterned kraft paper from big lots. it is more burgundy that it shows here. the topper was also from big lots. i thought it was a garland and ended up being two candle wreaths, so i had to take them apart and rewire it to work on top of the bowl. i made the sign and its crooked of course but glued on tightly. we are going with an elegant country theme and using lots of twigs,red berries etc so i hope this fits in. we shall see tomorrow what they think.

cards are shipping ...finally yay and a new business card for me


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