determination,dilligence and hard work pays off

Well it's happening finally. Treasures in Time is almost completely moved from 604 to 600-602 State. Four days ago a dark, dingy, dimly lit store was invaded by the hardest working crew of men I have ever met.

After a few delays due to the previous tenant not moving when expected, color choices wrecking havoc, and steam cleaners that wouldn't clean; the work kicked off full force. I got to get back into the world of retail for a few days, I haven't forgotten everything, however I am glad all I had to do was ring Brian's phone or run next door if I had a question.

Red,black,white,cranberry,sage,gray....I thought Brian would lose his mind but he made it through and made the right choices.

Did you know gray primer looks pretty dog gone good on a wall. Well I have to admit I did, because that is what is on my kitchen walls, honestly... and it has been for at least 3 years. Because I can't decide what shade of blue I can handle when the sun is coming in at full brilliance at 8 in the morning... I am not a morning person.
At any rate Michael tried it to see if it would make the red go on better and found it really looked great and covered like a dream. So red walls became gray, but they look perfect with the rest of the store. A good neutral background for the goods on shelves in front of them.

Even in it's cluttered, unorganized moving in stage, the store looks beautiful. Worlds away from where it was 4 days ago. It looks like someone cares about it and wants to have it at it's best. It has regained some of the dignity the old girl deserves. I found her history this week and framed it for the guys as a store warming gift. She is a good old building and deserves to be taken care of. And these are just the men for the job.

Thank the Lord, Brian was not hurt worse today when a hammer decided to jump off and hit him in the head. But even that didn't slow him down for long. Determination must be his middle name. Not to say Michael and Norm aren't just as dedicated and determined to see this store at its best, because they are. They have all worked so hard. Norm comes in after working at another job and off he goes. They have all worked to the point of exhaustion. Several friends/vendors are also ready to collapse. But it is a good kind of tired... it will reap the rewards of hard work.

Tomorrow is Sat. the old store will be closed on what is usually their busiest day, but these guys and some friends really got busy and worked their tails off. So much so that there isn't enough left to sell at the old store. I drove by tonight around 9 an they were still busy. I couldn't stop in then but today I will get my art hung up... shhh don't tell Brian, I haven't a clue what I am going to hang them up with. I haven't been able to find the hooks I want for the pegboard. But before I go in today I will have something to get it started.

All of my spare time this week has been spent getting my new designs ready for the Christmas open house. New postcards, 5x7 cards, bookmarks and a poster will all be here in the next 2 weeks. Many of the postcards and 5x7 are Christmas. I am hoping open house will mean lots of sales!!!

Next thing is my sign, I wanted to work on it tonight but my photo program is nuts. Hopefully before bed I can get it working.

well that's all for tonight.. look for photos soon. I really think being on the corner will bring in more business. The other store would sort of be missed occasionally even with the great window displays. But now there are two huge windows and the corner location will be great for cars stopping at the red lights. This will be very good for them and I am glad to be part of it.

Opening Day.. Monday November the 3rd, 2008


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