and the countdown begins

25...24...23...22..21...are you ready? 25 days until Christmas. We drew names for the first time at my moms' today. It seems weird but we always over spend. I got the easiest one to buy for since she always just wants money.

Shopping will be in high gear now. Let's all try to take a deep breath and not get so frantic looking for that perfect gift. I worked retail for so many years that it has taken a while to get to the part where you enjoy the holidays and reflect on the meaning of it all. It always seems to bring out the very worst in people, isn't that ironic since it is suppose to be a season of giving and love?

Now that I have time to bake cookies, cakes and pies, we can't eat them. Hmmm, lost opportunities, time we can't get back it always seems to be on my mind this time of year. Live your life to the fullest everyday, take a chance, do something you have always dreamed of, tell someone you love them, don't let the time slip away.

Have a good week and try not to let the season stress you out.


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