Bookmarks, posters on the way

( These are a few of the designs that will be available here in Bristol and at Putney Books in Putney, Vermont - Thanks Sarah!)

Bookmarks are on the way to Treasures in Time. I have been thinking about this for a bit,the postcards have been such a hit. I already have a pre-order for these of around 50 bookmarks to go to Putney, VT. (yay)

I found 3 hook racks by the side of the road that are perfect for hanging them up. My print partner has some great plastic card stock that is heavy,durable ,waterproof and tear-proof. Lest my friend Ty thinks I swiped another idea, I was already thinking about it,but his recent blog entries gave me a little nudge. Thanks Ty.

Also one of my best selling cards and postcards will be a 11x17 poster. Small enough to frame larger or big enough on its own. i am excited about this as well. People have been asking about them for a while. pre-order on this as well, one framed one unframed. (yay again)


armywife said…
Awesome job, Denise!!
Maryfrances said…
Good luck Dee...hope it all goes well for you.
LeslieinTN said…
They look great and congrats! I know you are excited to be pursuing this dream. :)

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