opening a mini-cardshop downtown

i found this display unit at a local thrift store for $50.00

so i talked to the owners of Treasures in Time, the store downtown that has my artwork, about using it for my art cards. but laughed and said i could never fill up the 32 pockets, it is two sided has a huge drawer on the bottom an weighs about 250 pounds. ( i replaced the brass knobs with vintage glass knobs.) it is 36 inches wide, 30 inches deep and right at 5 feet tall.

.. on the way down to the store i had a brainstorm... i have an online card store with over 300 cards in it.. would they be willing to let me bring some of those in??

they were thrilled and let me know they had been looking for a card provider due to the fact that they had few options downtown when they needed cards. lofts are being sold and more people will be downtown, as well as the merchants already there. my new all-occasion cards will sell for 3.29 each. and since i am already exclusive with them this will boost my presence at the store.

people are always asking for birthday or sympathy cards and i can stock about 12 different categories. birthday general and family, sympathy,get well, encouragement/thinking of you,humor,anniversary etc.

they will showcase the unit in the front of the store so it will be visible and enticing. i will be placing a header sign on it as well. one side will be high end art cards and the other the lesser expensive all occasion.

i have a new logo ,as well since greeting card universe is finally putting our artist info on the back of the cards. i hated to lose the pic of me and my dad, however, i believe he would approve. as usual if it looks pixelated it isn't in real life.


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