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This week I met with two young adults Rebecca and Travis at our local park for some photos. They agreed to be my newest models for the stock agency. After some awkwardness on my part, out of sheer nerves, we settled in to take some nice photos. Travis had some good ideas for places to shoot and those turned out to be some great shots.

Rebecca posed with her laptop and books as the student at work on her school studies and Travis joined in as a secondary student. I have given them the first disc with the initial edits on the shots, with more to come as I get them ready for stock. I tried to take a more artistic approach with the images they might print, and have to take the advertising approach when I edit them for a second time. It is an entirely different way to look at the images. Though I like both, sometimes the artistic is my preference, due to lighting and filters I can apply.

We meet again in about a week for Rebecca's prom shots, again new ground for me. I hope I can capture some good memories for them. They are really sweet and patient with me as I get used to taking people shots.

Speaking of microstock agencies, I have narrowed my portfolios down to 3, Dreamstime,Fotolia and 123RF. Each has their own unique portfolio except for 7 images still on Big Stock until June 2. These will then go exclusive at Dreamstime. I have seen the benefit at Dreamstime already but have seen a slowdown at Fotolia. Oh well, I guess I have to take the bad with the good. Earnings at DT have more than made up for dropping Shutterstock with the 25 cent commissions. While DT is not that much more, I do get more for larger images than 25 cents!!

I have reopened my account at Red Bubble for greeting cards only at this point. I think I tried to do too many things the first time and got discouraged with no sales. However I have sold over 200 cards at Greeting Card Universe and hope they will do equally as well at Red Bubble. They have a totally different customer base and that will prove to be interesting.

I need to package my Bristol notecards and get them distributed to the stores and have 4 art prints to frame. Also the reception at The Arts Depot is this Sunday from 11-2 in Abingdon. Hopefully there will be lots of visitors to the gallery.

Have a great week .. enjoy your life, it's the only one you have make the most of it.


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