well the other shoe stomped when it fell

i have been expecting a run of stressful things to come our way. after daddy died things finally settled down and i said "well , i keep waiting on the other shoe to drop, its been too calm"

in the past 6 weeks we have had two rounds of sickness for my son, the current one being walking pneumonia, my mom has had two blood clots in her leg and i broke a tooth and i am starting to feel yuckky.

i have a show i need to be ready for by the end of the month, my first real show, i need at least 12 framed images. i have maybe 4 ready. i just can't take the time to be sick right now. i planned to be in my aquasize class by now. oh well.. this too will pass as they say.

i saw signs of spring today, a robin, the dogwoods in the mountains.... i love spring and i am so ready for it this year. take care , stay well.


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