the quiet of january

january is usually quiet in the micro-stock world and apart from dreamstime it has been a typical january. i have had a few downloads at dreamstime but no others. greeting cards are slow and business cards have been picking up. i am still adding designs to the t-shirt, bumper sticker, tote bag sites, but have no sales yet.

the one exception has been my own custom cards. the library has contacted me with a possibility of purchasing the cards i designed of the new library, the church has purchased rights to use the image i created for them and i am in the process of designing a card for a travel agency that books very high end cruises. so i have no room to complain.

also i have a show coming up in late april and early may at THE ARTS DEPOT in abingdon va. i have much work to do in getting ready for that show, the first i have ever had that is really a show for me. i will share the space, which is generous, with 3 other artists. tentatively i have a room all to myself, that is a small connecting room, it has lots of light that will show off the metallic prints very well i believe.

thats all for this anyone who might read it....thank you.


armywife said…
Sounds like good stuff coming up! Good luck with the show!

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