just a spoonful of sugar...makes my joints ache like mad!

today i took my mom to Sam's and we stopped at Bonnie's Restaurant for lunch. they had baked spaghetti. i love baked spaghetti and only have it if i go there with her. so this is maybe the third time in my life. but i have found , after doing low carb for several years, that sugar kills my joints. i ache like crazy and feel terrible. i have been tested for diabetes but it isn't that. its just that sugar is poison to my system. my brother is the same way.

he has been my hero for about 5 years now. at nearly 45 years old and weighing nearly 400 pounds he began doing low carb and exercising. 4 years ago he convinced us to begin and quite honestly saved my husbands life, he was diabetic and had not been made aware of it. the hospital lost the records. he lost 60 pounds before he found out. he keeps his A1C around 4 which is wonderful.

back to my brother, he is a walking and bicycling crazy man. he races in big races, he walks 75 miles a weekend on a slow weekend. he has been teaching kick-boxing and out does the 20 year olds. he is 170 now and is feeling great. he inspires me and humbles me all at the same time. what a great role models he and my hubby are.

i pray this will be the year for me to get the food addictions under control. i just have to look around me to see it can be done.


Karen said…
Hi Denise, thanks for the wonderful comments. I can't believe I'm actually doing blogging, me the woman who hates to write! Thanks for the helpful suggestions on posting pics. I've noticed several others on wordpress use flicker or photobucket, so I'm going to try it.

Hope you're feeling better after your sugar probs. My diet after GBS is basically low carb too and I find I do much better all around when I limit the simple carbs. Good luck with it. I know how hard food addictions are. I still have to battle them. Anyone who hasn't been there, just doesn't understand how bad a carb addiction actually is. Glad to hear that your brother and husband are doing well.

This may be a better way to keep in touch than email. I do hate to write. Karen
LeslieinTN said…
That is so inspiring about your brother. Wow! You can do it too, Denise!!! ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
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