just a little sick is annoying

sick..i have been sick for 3 weeks. not yucky sick, just annoying sick. ears,throat,sinuses, achy joints, even a dizzy headache. i can still get out and get groceries, visit mom, take card orders to stores, but i just don't feel good. i finally went to the doctor and he gave me one antibiotic, today he changed to another. already my ears feel some better , but my throat is tender,from the outside. again annoying. tonight hubby and son have complained of similar symptoms.

don't get me wrong , i prefer this to the other types of sick we could be. everyone in my extended family has had some form of stomach, respiratory, or flu sickness. so this is better than all that. but i just want to feel better. mine starts with allergies and goes into bacterial infections that like to hang around. it happens twice a year usually. which is only aggravated now by having our cats. i am not allergic to the furry ones, just to what they carry around on their fur, from the basement. mold and mildew that has enough allergen to get me irritated and it goes from there. however since it is cold and they are upstairs more to sit in the sunny windows. i am feeling the effects.

plus my brother is highly allergic, so i seek a new home for my furry friends. i want them to go together and that will not be easy. they have been good company for me, and it is not easy to think about re-homing them. but we saved both of them from certain death and nursed them back to health. we have given them a good home and taken very good care of them. the vet says they have done remarkably well. so at least for a time, they need to be here. jack and lillie are great cats and i am glad to share this photo of them with you. jack is gray with thick fur, lillie is white with one blue eye and one green. he is very affectionate - 100% boy - she is timid and shy - 110% girl feminine and elegant. together they make a great pair.


LeslieinTN said…
Your cats are beautiful and if I wasn't wanting to not have my own already in my house then I would take yours. I love Gracie so much but look forward to the day of no cat hair or dander in my house too.
Janice Guazzo said…
Oh my goodness, they are beautiful. I am reading your old posts (LOL). Do you still have them? I wish I could take them. I already have 3 furbabies here.
Denise Beverly said…
yes we still have them. they are such sweeties. but i do have to find them a home. since it is kitten season ;-) i doubt too many people will be looking for kitties who are almost 3. thanks for reading. did you click on the picture to enlarge it and see lillies eyes up close?

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