brrrrrr. chilly

wow has it been cold today. the wind chill was around 2 degrees. thankfully they have decided to go to school on a snow schedule tomorrow, but i hope they decide to close.

i was busy today creating some cards for consideration by a cruise agency. the bright blue of the sea and sky was a sharp contrast to the snow outside my window. but it made me feel a little bit warmer.

on that note if anyone needs some custom cards created, i can talk with you about some options. i have created quite a few and have them printed professionally on a linen textured card stock. they are very nice, quite elegant in fact. they have been very well received and are considered high end by the artists at the art gallery where they are for sale, as well as by the private customers who have purchased them. just leave a comment and a way to contact you and i can tell you more about these wonderful cards.

i wish for anyone who reads this a blessed 2008. 2007 was a hard year for me. i am sure 2008 will have some challenges. but as always God's grace is sufficient.


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