it's beginning to look a lot like valentine's day

well that's what you would have to think if you were in k-mart yesterday. they moved all the Christmas into one spot and had shelf after shelf of valentine's merchandise. of course Christmas merchandise had been there since before Halloween, Halloween since labor day and so on. Valentine's images for 2008 have already starting selling on the stock sites and we are not out of 2007 yet.

commercialism has such a forward thinking mindset, they have to do it , you can't wait until the week before to throw things together. you have to be ahead of the game , ahead of the competition.

i am always a few steps behind in my thinking. Christmas really snuck up on me, i wasn't ready and then i got sick and couldn't join my family until today. traditionally we meet on Christmas eve.

but as my brother said it really just doesn't seem like Christmas this year. Daddy made it fun, a joy. he however, is spending his first Christmas with Jesus... i know it was wonderful.

have a very blessed Christmas everyone.


armywife said…
Well, you survived your first Christmas w/o your Dad, it will never be easy but will get easier.

As for Valentine's Day, the only good thing I can say about that is at least it will be less expensive than Christmas!!

Hope you are feeling better!

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