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Renewal - Starting over

I make no secrets about it I am not a good blogger. Never have been able to keep it going in a consistent timely manner.

But today I start anew, hopefully, with a sense of renewal and focus.  A clean look for the blog with larger pictures and posts, I hope will make it more alive in a sense.

I have also revamped my Pinterest page and renamed it to focus as a business only Pinterest : Denise Beverly Photography & Artworks

The business themed pins will be my work as well as color and design ideas, ways to use and reuse items you might find, art supplies and craft ideas.  I feel like all these things tie in to the design and decor of your home or office. 

At some point I will go back and rebuild my personal Pinterest pages as well for those who want the low carb options, fun cat pages and beary cute bear links.

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